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“You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

With over a decade of experience caring for and supporting those

families living with dementia. Ted brings his passion and compassion to those families needing help. Information, resources and his own struggles with caregiving gives him the knowledge and expertise to help others. Whether its assisting the caregiver with emotional support or helping with family decision making, he has the tools and empathy needed to understand exactly what your going through.


To determine if working with Ted may be beneficial for you, request a complimentary
30-minute private phone, Zoom or One on One consultation. Please indicate the best days and times for your session via the services below.
  • Helping clients through the transitional stages of caregiving

  • Coping with effects of hospitalization on the caregiver’s family

  • Setting boundaries with loved ones

  • Building a support team for the caregiver and caree

  • Helping client’s advocate for loved one

  • Strategies for maintaining the caree’s independence

  • Helping his client’s with the transition of their lives when caregiving ends

One on One Services

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